Living in Zlín

Tomas Bata University is based in the regional capital of Zlín with the population of 80,000. The town, which is situated in the south-east of the Czech Republic, is unique for its unusual appearance perfectly combining urban architecture and nature.

Thanks to a well-considered urbanistic plan developed in the 1920s, Zlín was built as a town of gardens, parks and other green areas. Its development was the fastest in the interwar era, when the town became the centre of the shoe industry represented by the Baťa Shoe Company. Tomáš Baťa cared very much about the living conditions of his employees and he did a lot to make the conditions better. He built a new hospital, several schools, administration buildings as well as large house districts. In that period, the most prominent architects of their time participated in the urban development of Zlín, e.g. Jan Kotěra, Vladimír Karfík, František Lýdie Gahura or Le Corbusier. The administration building of the Baťa Shoe Company No. 21, the so-called Baťa’s skyscraper, is considered the most impressive Zlín’s building of the interwar era. It was designed by Vladimír Karfík.

Today’s Zlín is a modern university town and, not only thanks to students, looks new. Particularly in summer there are numerous cultural and sports events known all over Europe. Every year in early May, the International Film Festival for Children and Youth is held in Zlín, attracting tens of thousands visitors from across the world. Tomas Bata University is one of the co-organizers of the Festival. In August, the town regularly plays host to the Barum Rally, which is part of the European Rally Championship.

Cultural, social and sports events are held in Zlín throughout the whole year. In summer you can take a rest in cafés and pubs that offer outside seating, while in winter you can go to the theatre, cinema or a classical concert. Swimming pools, two indoor stadiums and several sports halls are also available. Apart from this, Zlín’s sportsmen represent the best of sports. This applies, for example, to the home ice-hockey team, which ranks among the most successful in the Czech Republic.