About Us

Department of Computer and Communication Systems currently has 11 staff members, of whom 1 is professor and 2 are associate professors. It participates in teaching theoretical subjects within a degree course entitled Automatic Control and Informatics that is part of a degree programme in Engineering Informatics in Bachelor's and also follow-up Master's study, and a degree course entitled Automation and Process Control that is part of a degree programme in Chemical and Process Engineering. The subjects are as follows: Essentials of Informatics, Applied Informatics, Artificial Intelligence Methods, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Database Systems, Computer Networks, Computer Graphics, Object-Oriented Programming, Operating Systems, Programming in the C Language, Computer Hardware, etc. The Department simultaneously participates in a Doctoral programme entitled Chemical and Process Engineering and its degree course in Technical Cybernetics. One of the Departmental members is a supervisor and two are ancillary supervisors for the aforesaid degree programme.

Research and development activities of the Departmental staff focus primarily on the following areas:

  1. evolutionary computer science - theory and application
  2. application of informatics management and utilization of computer networks in technological process control
  3. fractal geometry, deterministic chaos and their applicability in information transfer, signal compression and control
  4. parallel processes and algorithms

Department of Computer and Communication Systems is cooperating with the company ComGate, a.s. (www.comgate.cz, contact persons: (ComGate, a.s.) nikolaj.stahlavsky@comgate_cz, jakub.ouhrabka@comgate_cz, (UTB, FAI, UAI): zelinka@fai_utb_cz) in the project: „ Dialog system - system of automatic communication “ (Czech project name: Systém pro automatizovanou komunikaci - dialogový systém). This project is focused on the application of artificial intelligence on intelligent communication with human users of various interactive WEB systems. Communication is going to be realized via intelligent software agents. The project covers a wide area of AI methods, like neural networks, evolutionary computing, fuzzy logic, etc. One of the many tools, utilized through department resources, is the HPC supercomputer http://www.utb.cz/fai/people/zelinka/hp/HPC_at_UTB_-_supercomputer_Emanuel.html. Results of this project are going to be used partially in lectures and mainly for commercial purposes.

Department of Computer and Communication Systems is also successful in acquiring financial resources for undertaking research projects. Its staff members are co-researchers in a research project of the MEYS and leading researchers in a standard project and a postdoctoral project of the GACR.

The Department cooperates with domestic as well as foreign research and educational establishments. It is also significantly involved in Doctoral study within the framework of the Erasmus Programme. Some of the domestic and foreign establishments that the Department collaborates with in the sphere of research and development are: Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the ASCR in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at BUT in Brno, Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland), and Nottingham Trent University (UK).

Within the framework of the Erasmus Programme, doctoral student and teacher exchanges are organized in cooperation with foreign establishments, some of which are: Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland), Nottingham Trent University (UK), Politecnico di Milano, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, and University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.