About Us

The Department of Informatics and Artificial Intelligence was established at the Faculty of Applied Informatics, TBU in Zlín, on January 1st. 2010. Its personnel structure is well-balanced, and currently consists of 12 employees (1 Professor, 3 Associate Professors, 4 Assistant Professors, 2 Assistants, 1 Lecturer, 1 administrative worker), and 31 internal and external Ph.D. students.

All of the employees are involved in the tuition of courses in the fields of Engineering Informatics Studies, at both higher education levels. Department staff of Ph.D. and higher scientific levels are involved in the scientific preparation of Ph.D. Studies students in the Engineering Informatics and Automatic Control and Informatics fields. The Assoc. Professors´ and Professor´s role is as teacher/trainers.

The Department guarantees one Bachelor's Degree, (Software Engineering) and two Master's Degree courses, (Engineering Informatics, Teaching Informatics in Secondary Schools).

The scientific research orientations of the workplace are:

        Artificial Intelligence
        Cybernetic Security (PTLAB, TESTLAB)
        Research into the Use of Advanced Information Technologies in Medicine -     
        (Neurology, Cardiology, Rehabilitation)

Specialised Departmental Laboratories include:

PTLAB - The Penetration Test Laboratory
TESTLAB - The Mobile Technologies Testing Laboratory
EMBLAB - The Embedded Systems Laboratory
NEUROLAB - The Neuro-informatics Laboratory
EDULAB - The Robotic Systems for School Working Practice Laboratory
AILAB – The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Subjects assured by the Department:

        Fundamentals of Informatics
        Programming Theory
        Artificial Intelligence
        The Application of Artificial Intelligence
        Mathematical Informatics
        .NET Technologies
        WWW Technologies
        JAVA Technologies
        Multiplatform programming
        Parallel Processes and Programming
        Computer Viruses and Security
        Information Systems Security
        Enterprise Information Systems
        Information Systems in State Administration
        Mobile Technologies
        Digital Photography