About Us

Department of Mathematics

Tel.: +420 57 603 5056
E-mail: prokop@fai_utb_cz, borkova@fai_utb_cz 

Head of Department: prof. Ing. Roman Prokop, CSc.
Deputy Head: Mgr. Jana Řezníčková, PhD.
Secretary: Mgr. Hana Chudá, PhD.
Assistant: Ms Eva Borková


The history of today's Department of Mathematics reaches back to the very origins and early history of Tomas Bata University. In the 1960s, the then Laboratory of Mathematics and Physics played its part in establishing a BUT independent unit in Zlín. The Faculty of Technology and the Department of Mathematics (with RNDr. Ludvík Novák as Head of Department) were officially launched in 1969. Over the following years, more degree courses were offered and the Department expanded. At that time it provided mathematics teaching within all technical and later also economics courses. When TBU was founded in 2001 the Department of Mathematics remained a component of the Faculty of Technology. In 2006, the Department became part of the newly established Faculty of Applied Informatics and now it is responsible for teaching mathematical subjects at all TBU Faculties.