About Us

The focal point of Department teaching staff tuition is subjects in the Master's Degree discipline: Automatic Control and Informatics. The Department is also involved in the tuition of some of the subjects in Bachelor's Degree study disciplines of Information and Control Technologies; Security Technologies, Systems and Management; and Information Technologies in Administration as well as in the follow-on Master´s Degree study disciplines of Security Technologies, Systems and Management; Information Technologies; Integrated Systems in Buildings and Computer and Communication Systems. The Department also provides some subjects for the Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management and the Department of Physical Training.

Four faculty workers are supervisors in the four-year Ph.D. programme: Automatic Control and Informatics, where are also examiners in a range of subjects.

The Scientific and Research activities of the department are focused on the areas of the Modelling, Identification and Simulation of Technological Processes; Adaptive, Nonlinear and Predictive Control and modern synthesis method applications in Process Control Design.