About Us

The Department of Security Engineering was established at the Faculty of Applied Informatics on 1. 1. 2010.

The staff assures the tuition of subjects in the Security Technologies, Systems and Management (BTSM) study discipline. This is conceived in the form of interdisciplinary studies, whose theoretical and applied base is made up of study subjects with Electro-technical and Informatics orientations. The Study Plan enables students to acquire the requisite knowledge from the fields of Security and Managerial fields as well. Studies are divided into the Bachelor´s, follow-on Master´s and Ph.D. studies levels.

In the abovementioned study discipline, the departmental staff provides tuition in the following subjects: Commercial Security Technology, Security Industry Technical Resources, Mechanical Barrier Systems, Electronic Security Systems, Designing Security Systems, Above-standard Building Security Elements, Special Security Technology, Modelling Crisis Situations Security Industry Systemisation, Forensic Technology and Systems, Criminology Technology and Information Systems.

Currently, the Faculty of Applied Informatics has well-equipped laboratories for the support of tuition in BTSM discipline subjects: “Mechanical Security Systems” and the “Advanced Security Technology Laboratory”, in which practical labs take place in the following subjects: “Mechanical Security Systems”, “Securities Industry Technical Resources” and partly, also “Electronic Security Systems”. We are also preparing to expand and extend the laboratories with perspective technologies, camera systems, and biometric identification elements and systems, which will be housed in the newly-prepared “Advanced Biotechnical Systems Laboratory”. The laboratories also serve for the departmental staff research activities.

Departmental scientific and research activities are especially oriented on:

  • Biometric Identification
  • Access/Egress Systems
  • Advanced Authentication Elements and Systems
  • The Psychosomatic Investigation of Personality