Thanks to the OP VaVpI Project, the Faculty of Applied Informatics have acquired new instruments

The CEBIA-Tech Regional Research Centre of Security and Information Technology has gained an additional subsidy of approximately 44 million CZK from the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation (OP R & DI) to retrofit existing Centre laboratories with new instruments.

The Centre was established at the Faculty of Applied Informatics, Tomas Bata University in Zlin in February 2011. The initial funding - of approximately 174 million CZK was used for the creation and start-up of the Centre´s research activities. The lion's share of these subsidies - roughly 130 million CZK, was used to equip the Centre with world-class cutting-edge mechanical, instrumentation and information technologies. This equipment enabled the origin of eight specialised laboratories; immediately after their equipping, scientific-research activities oriented on areas needed by the Zlin Region began to be realised.

Concretely, these are:

  • The Information Technology Applications and Soft-computing areas,
  • The Intelligent Manufacturing Systems area,
  • The Embedded Automation Systems area,
  • The Integrated Systems in Buildings area,
  • Security Research on Forensic Research and Electromagnetic Compatibility Issues,
  • The Alternative Energy – Bio-fuels area.

All the project objectives have been met fully and the project start-up phase was completed on schedule (30.09.2014). A range of results are world-class, and several Centre employees have received prestigious awards. Currently, the project is in the sustainability period - for which the Centre won support from the National Sustainability I Project, among others.

Thereby, new research activities of the individual Centre research programs will be supported; and - at the same time, ensure the presumption of attaining further good results both in the research and scientific researcher training fields and on the transfer of new knowledge into the FAI Faculty curriculum as well as the close cooperation of the Centre with industry - which can be described as the most dynamically evolving outcome of the Centre´s activities.


prof. Ing. Vladimír Vašek, CSc.
Head of CEBIA-Tech Centre
FAI TBU in Zlín
Nad Stráněmi 4511
760 05 Zlín 5
E-mail: vasek@fai_utb_cz
Tel.: +420 57-603-5254
Mob.: +420 606 777 211

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