About Us

Welcome to the webpages of the Centre of Applied Economic Research (CAER). 

We are a department of the Faculty of Management and Economics (FaME) at Tomas Bata University (TBU) in Zlín, Czech Republic. Our Centre was launched in March 2007. We are young and ambitious initiative, an integral part of FaME's strategic development in the area of science and R&D. We are also involved in the cooperation with the practice. 

Our mission is: 
• to improve the position of FaME in science and research and their application into practice 
• to strengthen prestige, internationalisation and project collaboration of FaME in science and applied research activities, in collaboration with other universities, research institutions, companies and public sector stakeholders, for their mutual benefits 

Our vision is to be an element of “collaborativeness” and competitiveness and an opportunity for FaME to succeed in new conditions*, in the region as a „knowledge cluster“ 
(*Post reform conditions when new rules for financing and performance evaluation of universities and research will be valid) 

Research and the dissemination of results and knowledge in CAER are carried out through development programmes, consulting, publishing and presentations on conferences and other relevant events. To fulfil our mission we collaborate with academics from relevant departments at the Faculty or University, with students as well as with partners from organisations and companies in the Zlín region, the entire Czech Republic and internationally (e.g. Spain, Italy, Finland, United Kingdom, USA, etc.).

Our research is generally focused on managerial and economic causes and aspects of overall and contextual performance, competitiveness and their development and measurement, in the context of individual organisations, clusters and regions under emerged knowledge economy and different innovation frameworks.

Our research themes cover among others: 
• Knowledge management (and work within the knowledge value chain) 
• Intellectual capital (intangibles) 
• Innovation 
• Industrial ecology / Industrial symbiosis 
• Corporate social responsibility (in relation to innovation and performance) 

The thematic context of research on CAER is shown below:


You can download the short presentation of CAER here .