Undergraduate Bachelor's Programmes in English

There are currently no undegraduate (bachelor's) degree programmes taught in English at the FMC.

For information on undergraduate programmes/courses taught in Czech, please visit the Czech version of this page.

Overview of Undergraduate Bachelor's Programmes

Course Code Course Name Mode of Study Language of Instruction
8204R002 Animation full-time Czech
8204R038-RS Audiovisual Arts - Directing and Screenwriting full-time Czech
8204R038-SS Audiovisual Arts - Film Editing full-time Czech
8204R038-KA Audiovisual Arts - Film Photography full-time Czech
8204R038-ZS Audiovisual Arts - Sound Editing full-time Czech
8204R024 Film Production full-time Czech
8206R037 Marketing Communications part-time Czech
8206R037 Marketing Communications full-time Czech
8206R102-RF Multimedia and Design - Advertising Photography full-time Czech
8206R102-DD Multimedia and Design - Digital Design full-time Czech
8206R102-OD Multimedia and Design - Fashion Design full-time Czech
8206R102-DS Multimedia and Design - Glass Design full-time Czech
8206R102-GD Multimedia and Design - Graphic Design full-time Czech
8206R102-DE Multimedia and Design - Product design full-time Czech
8206R102-PD Multimedia and Design - Product Design full-time Czech
8206R102-OB Multimedia and Design - Shoe Design full-time Czech
8206R102-PT Multimedia and Design - Spatial Design full-time Czech