About Us


Department of polymer engineering (abbr. UIP) is a department of Tomas Bata University in Zlín which is engaged in the education of specialists in the polymer processing (study programme Polymer engineering). In the education, the staff takes advantage of years of experience supported with contacts with regionally significant companies such as Fatra, Hella Autotechnik, Mitas or Continental. It is the close relations with the industry and its current processing or material problems what helps to prepare students for praxis. Practical knowledge with a good theoretical background of physical and chemical processes improves competitiveness of graduates in the labor market.

Graduates find employment as technologists, process engineers, quality managers and research workers. Numbers of graduates are also employed as sales representatives with deep knowledge of the offered applications, and they also work as middle and senior managers.

Besides the pedagogical activities, the staff of the Department of polymer engineering is involved in many research projects financed by both the national budget of the Czech Republic and European funds. The main field of research deals with the study of mutual relations between processing, structure and properties of both synthetic and natural polymer materials. Significant research results were achieved in the preparation of polymer systems with tailored phase structure and the preparation of polymer-nanocomposite materials.

Department of polymer engineering is also a seat of editorial office of Plastics and Rubber – a journal of technical and commercial information from various polymer processing areas.