In September 2010 we opened a new Bachelor’s programme with the following specialization:

Medical and pharmaceutical materials

The specialization connects the best traditions of science, research and education carried out in Zlín in the field of polymers with high-tech applications of polymer materials in medicine and pharmacy. The tuition is offered by international teams to students in laboratories with modern equipment. The language of instruction is Czech, but those who want to be in contact with international researchers can start to communicate in English very soon. During the study it is possible to spend one or two semesters at partner universities abroad. After completion of the Bachelor’s programme, the graduates are awarded the Bachelor’s degree (Bc.). The programme is followed by a Master’s programme (Master’s degree - Ing.) and, after completion thereof, by a doctoral (Ph.D.) programme.

Characteristics of the specialization

During their studies in the Bachelor’s programme, students learn the basics of disciplines related to natural sciences and engineering on a high level, and have extensive laboratory practice. The specialization benefits from the interconnection between the classes offered and the professional environment in the research department of the Faculty and the Technology Park, which are focusing on research and development in the field of "medical plastics". In their first year the students are enabled to get in contact with the tuition in the field of materials for medical and pharmaceutical applications. The following course units are added in order to increase the specialization of the programme: Anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, applied biology and microbiology. During the studies, specialized course units focusing on applications of biomaterials, on the technology of their preparation and also on designing and testing of medical materials and tools are structured depending on the systematically supported development of knowledge in general subjects such as chemistry, biological sciences and the study of properties and of processing of polymer materials. A complete interconnection between the course studied and the most advanced sphere of the specialization takes place in course units focusing on the interaction between materials, cells and tissues. Such course units prepare the students for a career in the field of tissue engineering, implants, biomedicine and pharmacy. Furthermore, the specialization is enhanced by adding suitable course units in the field of environmental science, economics and legislation, basics of computer technology and development of communication skills during the study of languages.

Graduate profile and career prospects

Graduates have specific knowledge of materials intended for medical applications and for the field of pharmaceutical substances. They are instructed in the basics of general physics and chemistry as well as in the basics of structure and properties of polymers and other biomaterials and in manufacturing procedures related to medical materials and tools. Through the connection of knowledge of materials and technologies with knowledge in the field of the interaction between materials and living tissue, the graduates’ unique professional profile is developed. Thus, students obtain the qualification necessary for a career both in the polymer processing industry and in processing of other materials in general, and, in particular, in the management and control of processes in medical and pharmaceutical production. The completed specialized education will enable them to find employment in the research and development of materials for medical applications, starting from prosthetics and auxiliary substances, through various medicines and implants up to tissue engineering. The graduates’ knowledge of cell and tissue cultures qualifies them for employment in medical and research laboratory facilities.
Graduates with a Bachelor's degree are qualified for holding positions and performing activities in middle management. Graduates can find jobs in the field of product distribution, or, after gaining experience, in various fields of technology and in a wide range of state and private companies and institutions. Graduates have excellent qualifications for study in the planned follow-up Master’s course.

Degree programme: Chemistry and Materials Technology
Degree course: Chemistry and Materials Technology
Specialization: Medical and Pharmaceutical Materials
Mode of study: Full-time
Location of study: Zlín

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