U13 Restaurant

U13 Restaurant, Nám. T.G.M. 5555

The Restaurant is run by:
Tomas Bata University in Zlín
Halls of Residence and Refectory, Štefánikova 150

Telephone:  +420 57 603 2031

                 +420 57 603 8104

Location: U13 building / University Centre - Rectorate, Library /

(Ground floor)



Opening Hours:
Opening hours in the Restaurant:  Monday – Friday  7:30am – 3pm
Opening hours (breakfast):    7:30am – 9am
Opening hours (lunch):  Ready-to-serve meals  10:30am - 3pm
   Meals made to order  10:30am - 3pm
Location map:

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Meals on offer:

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Items on offer:
  • pastry / rolls, buns, croissants, etc./,
  • cold dishes,
  • filled baguettes, open sandwiches, salads,
  • desserts,
  • fruits,
  • dairy products,
  • smoked food,
  • warm smoked food,
  • snacks,
  • snack soups,
  • sweets,
  • soft drinks,
  • hot drinks,
  • hot meals.

We can extend the range of food items offered according to our customers’ wishes.

Meals prepared to order:
  • small refreshment /hot and cold dishes, soft drinks, coffee, etc./,
  • cold dishes /cold cuts platters, open sandwiches, canapés, etc./,
  • hot dishes,
  • desserts, smoked foods, pastry,
  • buffets, conferences, seminars, banquets.
Payments are made:
  • using TBU card
  • in cash
Payments on behalf of companies are made:
  • by cash or via transfer orders

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