Can I Study with a Disability?

Our aim is to get rid of barriers and make studies at TBU easier and more pleasant for everyone. We provide comprehensive and high quality counselling, technical, consulting and assistance services to physically disabled or socially disadvantaged applicants for studies and TBU students, as well as to TBU employees.

Since 1 September 2015 the TBU Counselling Centre has extended the range of its services by offering counselling and services to special needs students. The services are provided at all TBU faculties (each faculty has its coordinators and tutors) to applicants and students in all modes and at all levels of study.

Who are the services intended for?

The services are intended particularly for applicants and students with sight and hearing impairments, movement disorders, combined impairments, chronic diseases, disturbed communication skills, for persons with specific learning and attention disorders, pervasive developmental disorders (e.g. autistic spectrum disorder) and psychical difficulties.