What Do I Want to Study?



Faculty of Technology

The Faculty of Technology provides higher education in selected fields of technology and economy. Its academic and research activities are focused on polymers, their modifications, food technology, their properties and packaging technology, cosmetics, environmental issues and materials engineering.



Faculty of Management and Economics

The Faculty of Management and Economics teaches students to become experienced professionals in management and marketing, enterprise economics, quality and production management, industrial engineering, finance, accounting and taxes, public administration and regional development and healthcare management.



Faculty of Multimedia Communications

Degree courses offered at the Faculty of Multimedia Communications reflect the fact that the current trends in culture aim at interconnection of disciplines. The Faculty’s graduates are experts who find employment with advertising and communications agencies, in public relations and the media.



Faculty of Applied Informatics

The Faculty of Applied Informatics provides education in disciplines focusing on the application of all types of information technology. Students of the Faculty acquire knowledge about IT applications in the fields of automatic control, artificial intelligence, security guard systems, intelligent buildings or communication of all levels.



Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities offers higher education in pedagogical, healthcare and linguistic programmes. Depending on the degree courses, graduates find jobs in the international economic environment, in language teaching institutions, social institutions, consultancy firms, education centres, leisure centres, various authorities, as well as in hospitals, healthcare centres, and domestic and community nursing care.



Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management

The Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management is based in Uherské Hradiště. Its students gain theoretical and practical knowledge in economic, managerial, technical and technological disciplines. The Faculty’s graduates are expected to practically apply the knowledge and skills acquired through the studies in unexpected and critical situations, which are so common nowadays.

Alphabetical List of Degree Courses

Alphabetical List of Degree Courses 2017/2018