Erasmus Mundus

TBU is a partner institution in 2 Erasmus Mundus partnerships projects that foster internationalisation, support student and academic staff mobility from Asia to European Union and European Union to Asia, promote research, inter and intra-university cooperation and cultural awareness. A multidisciplinary consortium of partners will focus on Bachelor's, Master's, doctoral and post-doctoral students and academic staff who will benefit from special learning, research and teaching conditions not available at a single institution. Projects will provide students and academic staff with the opportunity for intellectual understanding, to enhance the attractiveness and development of EU high education system in Asia and to establish a sustainable network of student and academic staff mobility between European Union and Asia.

2013 - 2017 EFFORT - Education Force: Driving Mobility for EU - East Europe Cooperation

Project coordinator: Alexander Technological Institution of Thessaloniki, Greece

TBU (partner) coordinator: Ing. Michaela BLAHOVÁ, Ph.D. (mblahova@fame_utb_cz

2013 - 2017 EACEA II - Euro-Asian Cooperation for Excellence and Advancement II

Coordinator: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

TBU (partner) coordinator: Ing. Přemysl PÁLKA, Ph.D. (ppalka@fame_utb_cz)

For further details please do not hesitate to contact TBU coordinators.