Exchange – Outgoing Students


Students of Tomas Bata University in Zlín (TBU) have a wide range of opportunities to travel abroad within various exchange programmes and to participate in a study period or in a traineeship/placement abroad.

Exchange - Mobility for Studies

Exchange - Mobility for Placements

The Erasmus programme is the largest programme of European cooperation in the sphere of higher education. The programme provides financial support to students taking part in mobility at a partner institution in a country which participates in the LLP programme (Lifelong Learning programme). Among the programme's main activities, the following are to be named: Study periods and traineeships for university students held abroad during a period lasting from 3 to 12 months, university staff mobility for teaching assignments and staff training held abroad during a period lasting from 1 to 6 weeks, introduction of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), etc.

Besides the Erasmus programme, students may opt for scholarship programmes organized by the Centre for International Services (, and that in particular:

Aktion Czech Republic - Austria

A bilateral programme providing scholarships to individual students (one-semester scholarships and short-term research scholarships for students, scholarships for teachers, scholarships for dissertation network intended for post-doctoral students, etc.) and grants for the implementation of Czech-Austrian projects of cooperation in science and education.

Academic Information Agency (AIA)

The AIA organizes selection procedures for students and academic staff at Czech public higher education institutions aimed at finding scholarship vacancies in almost 40 countries in accordance with bilateral agreements.


A Central European exchange programme implemented by higher education institutions in Central and South East Europe (one-semester courses, summer schools and excursions intended both for students and teachers).

EEA and Norway Grants

Support for bilateral and multilateral cooperation between schools in the Czech Republic, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein (mobility and internship projects, institutional collaboration projects).


Support for implementation of research plans of Czech doctoral students and of research training placements for post-doctoral students in Switzerland.

Fulbright scholarships for study and research in the U.S.

Applies to students of follow-up Master's and doctoral programmes only.

Visegrad scholarships

Applies to students of follow-up Master's and doctoral programmes only.

TBU also provides financial support for the mobility of students who organize their study periods at educational institutions abroad on their own initiative and outside an exchange programme = the so called "freemovers".