Intensive Czech Language Course

Do you want to learn Czech at one of the most modern universities in the Czech Republic? Register for our intensive courses!

Our intensive Czech courses will provide you with an introduction to the Czech everyday life and the Czech language, its grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The course can prepare you for further studies carried out in the Czech language or work in the Czech Republic.

The courses are focused on Czech grammar, written and oral proficiency, and conversation. You will become familiar with the life in the Czech Republic (geography, everyday life, culture, politics). We have prepared over 30 different topics for you.

Classes will take place in modern buildings of Tomas Bata University (most buildings of the University have been built or reconstructed in the last ten years). Students can use the services of the large and modern University Library, they have access to electronic sources and high quality wi-fi is available everywhere. All University buildings are located within walking distance, which means that you will save on public transport costs. There are cafés, tearooms and a number of shops situated in the centre of the town.

After completing the course, you should be able to successfully pass an exam leading to a B2 Czech language certificate, which will enable you to study at selected Czech universities for free.  

For more information about the course and for an online application please go to: