Bibliographic Citation and Referencing

If you write a specialized text of any type, it is required to provide references to the sources you have used when writing the text. It is obligatory to provide bibliographic citations, in compliance both with the principles of the information ethics and with the Copyright Act.

At TBU, citations are regulated in the Rector’s Directive on the standard formal layout of final theses, their storage and accessibility, and in the Rector’s Directive on scientific theses, in accordance with the standard ISO 690; the latest valid version thereof is the update issued in 2011.

The TBU Library offers consultations, seminars, lectures and materials for self-study on this topic. 

citace v katalogu

  • For generating citations according to styles and standards other than ISO 690 we recommend Zotero
  • A well-organized methodology for the production of bibliographic citations according to ACS, APA, CBE/CSE, Harvard, Chicago, JAMA/AMA, MLA, NLM and to the Vancouver style was prepared by the University Campus Library in Brno.