The TBU Library provides a number of electronic resources and additional online services to its users:

Resources intended both for registered users and for the public:

  • XERXES – information resources portal – search in all databases in one go. For access to licensed resources, students and staff must log in to the STAG information system. Search in freely available resources is intended for the public, users must log in to the Guest account.
  • Electronic Theses and Dissertations – Final theses defended at TBU in 2005 and later in electronic form, freely available theses are downloadable without logging in.
  • E-books - a collection of licensed and freely available e-books

Services and resources intended for TBU students and academic staff:

  • Remote Access to E-resources – If you want to access the licensed resources from a PC located outside the University, you must set up the remote access.
  • SFX – SFX is a technology that allows easy linking from records in bibliographic databases, in library catalogues or from web search results to full texts of documents searched for and provides other additional services.
  • Databases – A collection of databases which the TBU Library is subscribed and provides access to (not accessible to external users)
  • STMFull - full text databases for research and development
    Project focused on ensuring optimal conditions for the growth of research and development activities in the Czech republic by using high-quality information resources. Information-supported are in particular the following STM areas:
    - molecular biology
    - biotechnology
    - energy sources
    - materials research
    extending to the broader field of chemistry and chemical technology.
  • E-journals – Search in licensed electronic journals through one portal

Freely available resources: