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  • - A link to, a specialized website written in German and classified into the following subsections: Markets and trends, technologies and use, Product innovation, Business life, Job vacancies. It is run by the trade fair Electronica Munich – Elektronikmesse für Komponenten, Systeme und Anwendungen
  • - Overview of electrotechnology and electrical engineering, commercial offers as well as advice and technical texts.
  • EnergyFiles - 500 databases including information from the energy sector of industry and other fields.
  • Renewable Energy Businesses in the World - An overview of companies active in the world’s renewable energy market (comprising solar, photovoltaic, renewable, wind and green energy) listed according to countries or according to trade.
  • - Everything you want to know about energy but are afraid to ask ... Energy industry, calculations of power consumption, energy efficient buildings, legislations, seminars.
  • - Power engineering information centre – run by the company Energ, spol. s r.o. (Ltd.). This server systematically focuses on the field of energy industry, i.e. production, distribution and use of energy. The server aims to be a source of interesting information not only for employees of power distribution companies and firms active in the energy industry, but also for industrial power engineers, power engineers in state administration authorities, in semi-budgetary and private companies.