Pedagogics, Education

  • UNESCO Educational Portal
    Education in the World, particularly in developing countries (Education for All), programs, publications, studies, statistics, evaluation reports.
  • Educating Net
    Portal to the World of Knowledge.
  • EduHound
    Portal to various information resources high school level.
  • World Digital Library
    Portal UNESCO - illustrative information to education, selection by countries and time (in full-text). Access to great international libraries in 7 languages.
  • Škola online
    Interactive management system that 24 hours a day enables data processing of school administration via internet. Newsletter and Portal. Ministry of education, youth and sports assumes patronage of this system (in Czech only).
  • Databáze Národní pedagogické knihovny Komenského
    NPKK – bibliographic database on articles, books, reviews of Czech and Slovak pedagogical literatures. Copies of fulltext only for registrated users.
    Portal to the schooling and education. Useful information for those who are interesting in leisure time activities of children.
    Zlin school Portal.