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  • Philosophy around the Web
    The main purpose of this site is to act as a guide and a gateway to philosophy resources on the Internet.
  • Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
    Pathfinger of organisations, philosophers, journals and other resources on-line in areas of philosophy. Owner and author of this site is Peter Suber, Philosophy Department, Earlham College. No all is allways updated.
  • EpistemeLinks
    The EpistemeLinks project started in early 1997. As of late 2008, the site's database has some 19,000 links to philosophy-related resources online. The site averages around 7,000 visitors per day, and is widely used by philosophy professors and students at all levels, as well as those in the broader philosophical community. There is no charge to use the site, nor does it require user registration of any kind.
    This website is a personal non-commercial and non-profit project. It is funded from private sources of authors and advertising revenue. It is linked with events of the Institute of Philosophy of Czech Academy of Sciences (in Czech only).