Science and Research Assessment

Results of Science and Research activities are evaluated using the methodology as laid out by the Research and Development Council. Comprehensive information about all aspects of Science and Research and innovations in the Czech Republic is available on the website:


Detailed information relating to the issue of patents not only in the Czech Republic but also in the international context is available on the website of the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic - List of patent offices (in Czech only).

  • Xerxes - patents facet (format) in search results

Information about ResearcherID is available on a separate page: ResearcherID.

Employees responsible for this service:
Veronika Hermanová
Bc. Veronika Hermanová
Interlibrary Loan Service / Science and Research
E-mail: hermanova@k_utb_cz
+420 57 603 2868
Lukáš Budínský
Ing. Lukáš Budínský
head of IT department
E-mail: budinsky@k_utb_cz
+420 57 603 4919