Interlibrary Loan Service for Libraries

The interlibrary loan service (ILL) is available for libraries situated in the Czech Republic. Kindly use this form to order the service for libraries (in Czech only).

The ILL service is provided free of charge only to those libraries which do not charge fees for the ILL service provided to other libraries.

If necessary, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: mvs@k_utb_cz

Order form (grey fields are mandatory):

Staff in charge:
Veronika Hermanová
Bc. Veronika Hermanová
Interlibrary Loan Service / Science and Research
E-mail: hermanova@k_utb_cz
+420 57 603 2868
Kamila Fabiánová
Mgr. Kamila Fabiánová
Interlibrary Loan Service / Science and Research / Citation
E-mail: fabianova@k_utb_cz
+420 57 603 4904