Interlibrary Loans

The interlibrary loan service (ILL) is a service provided through cooperation among libraries. ILL is used to obtain materials requested by patrons which are not available in the library collections.

You can use ILL to request published documents such as books, journal articles, conference proceedings and conference papers.

You can't use ILL to request theses, standards, patents, utility models, complete issues of journals etc.

How does ILL work 

A document which is not available in the TBU Library or František Bartoš Regional Library collections can be ordered for you from another library in the Czech Republic or in the world. This way you can borrow the book for use at home (unless the lending library stated otherwise) or have a copy sent. Just fill out the form in the library catalogue. 

More information and a detailed guide for ordering ILLs is available in the Interlibrary Loans for Individual Users section.