Literature Search Service

If you want a list of resources on a specific topic, you can order the Literature Search Service. The Library uses these electronic information resources for literature search.

Since January 1, 2010, fees have been charged for the literature search services in accordance with the current Price List (Appendix 3) of the TBU Library. The service is intended for internal (staff and students) and external library users. To external users, the literature search services are only provided within freely accessible sources and catalogues. You will receive the completed literature search by e-mail, the price for the search will be registered on your user account. You will pay for the literature search on your next visit to the Library.

See an example of the literature search about Stalking, Cyberstalking (in Czech).

Order form:

Staff in charge:
Pavel Holík
Mgr. Pavel Holík
Head of department / Literature search service
E-mail: pholik@k_utb_cz
+420 57 603 4801