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Self-service reprographic facilities (intended to copying, printing, scanning) can be used only by holders of a valid student's card (or library card). 

On 1 September 2005 a central charging system was introduced. The system had been created by interlinking the reprographic and the Refectory systems at the level of software account. At the present time there is a single account held in the Credit system (Refectory system). All the services charged via the student's card (incl. reprographic services) are thus charged to your Credit system account.

You can recharge your card with cash at:
  • Refectory Complaints Department (Štefánkova 2431) 
  • U4 Refectory cash desk (Štefánikova 2431) 
  • U13 Restaurant cash desk (T.G. Masaryka 5555) 
  • Recharging station behind the U13 reception desk (T.G. Masaryka 5555) 
  • U5 Refectory cash desk (Nad stráněmi 4511) 
  • U2 Cafeteria cash desk (Mostní 5139) 
  • U2 Textbook and Souvenir Shop (Mostní 5139) 

Please observe the opening hours intended to recharging indicated at each of the above mentioned places. The minimum accepted sum is CZK 200. The instructions on how to use the facilities are posted next to these. Students are required to get acquainted with the operation instructions prior to their use and obey them when using the facility. Should you require any other form of assistance, please ask any member of the Library staff. All the copies made are for personal use only. 

  • Black and white copier/printer A4 format: CZK 1.20 
  • Black and white copier/printer A3 format: CZK 2.40 
  • Colour copier/printer A4 format CZK 5.80 
  • Colour copier/printer A3 format CZK 11.60
  • Scanning is free of charge, the minimum price is CZK 5.80

Print jobs can be viewed via a web form

Web print

Users of the TBU network can now print through a web form at
The users can print from any device connected to the TBU network without any special installation. However, the users can not change the settings as number of copies or black and white / colour printing.

The list of reprographic services offered (summary of tasks, history of card transactions, ...) is available here. The login and the password are identical with those you use when logging into the Novell network or TBU Portal.


It is possible to have your documents bound at the information desk on the 3rd floor for 25 CZK.

Staff in charge:
Radim Vodička
Radim Vodička, DiS.
IT Specialist
E-mail: rvodicka@k_utb_cz
+420 57 603 4818