Technology Park

The Technology Park (TP) at TBU in Zlín:

The Technology Park (TP) at TBU in Zlín provides a comprehensive infrastructure to support innovation entrepreneurial activities in the Zlín region and its surrounding areas. With its excellent services it supports innovative companies, science, research and development. It is a leading provider of a wide range of services.

It offers luxury space for rent – above standard equipped offices and laboratories, technical and social facilities, meeting space for seminars and workshops of a total size of 5,600 square meters – to entrepreneurs, innovative companies, and research and development staff.

Services within the TP are provided by internationally renowned researchers, experts in analysing, examination, measurement, and testing of materials and products, as well as development and examining of new technologies, dealing with technology and processing issues, etc. Project managers are able to help companies to plan innovation projects, evaluate options of external sources of funding and manage and supervise the project administration.

Legal and physical entities may cooperate with the TP in the following ways:

  • Join the TP, i.e. rent office or laboratory space (by virtue of contracts of lease of non-residential space)
  • Use the services provided by the TP (by virtue of contracts for work)
  • Prepare and implement joint innovation or research projects (by virtue of cooperation agreements)
  • Use the services offered by the Technology Transfer Centre (by virtue of power of attorney or contracts for work)
  • Attend conferences, seminars, workshops and other events organized by the TP (by virtue of the relevant application forms)

The process of leasing the Technology Park premises to companies

The process of leasing the TP premises to companies adheres to clearly specified rules and instructions. After first contact the process of entering the TP is initiated by a preliminary interview, during which the main objectives of cooperation are outlined, and the project manager helps the applicant with filling in the required form. By virtue of submitting the completed form, prerequisites for cooperation and fulfilment of the specified criteria are assessed. In the event that there are certain defects on behalf of the applicant that restrict the continuation of the process, the project manager shall contact the applicant and ask him/her to correct the defects. The applicant is invited to a structured interview with the management of the University Institute. Results and facts discovered during the structured interview along with the completed form are handed over to the TP Council. The TP Council either grants the application or rejects it and states the reason for the rejection. The applicant is notified in writing about the decision made by the TP Council. In the event that the application is granted, a contract of lease of non-residential space is concluded. The applicant thus becomes a member of the TP and is entitled to initiate his/her activity on the premises of the TP.


The construction of the Technology Park has funded by the project entitled “Technology Park and Technology Transfer Centre at TBU in Zlín”. The project has been financed from the European Fund for Regional Development, by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the CR and by Tomas Bata University in Zlín within the Industry and Business Operational Programme, PROSPERITA programme.

Project identification:

Project location: Nad Ovčírnou 3685, Zlín 760 01, Zlín Region
Laboratories – 1,800 square meters
Offices – 1,300 square meters
Common areas – 1,500 square meters
Technical rooms – 900 square meters

Companies settled in the TP

Profiles of the companies settled in the Technology Park of TBI in Zlín:

Accuform focuses on the development of software for simulation and optimization of plastic material blow moulding process.

AG FOODS Group a.s.
The company specializes in the development, production and distribution of instant drink mixes. This also involves distribution and service of preparation technology of the mixes to Food Service, Vending and HoReCa segments.

Chiromed group, s.r.o.
The company is focused on research and development in the sphere of natural and technical sciences. The main areas of interest are healthcare and cosmetics.

Borealis s.r.o.

PRL Polymer Research Lab. s.r.o.

Smartplast s.r.o.
The company focuses on plastics processing, injecting, plastic component design and injection mould construction.

Office spaces for rent

  • Offices intended for management – total area of approx. 46 square meters; equipped with a desk, a swivel chair and a drawer container, a meeting table for 4 persons, 2 filing cabinets, a wardrobe, Internet access and a landline (optional). South facing offices have air-conditioning. The offices are suitable for companies starting up a business, entrepreneurs or regional branches of existing companies.
  • Offices intended for staff – area of 46 square meters; intended for 4 persons and equipped with desks, chairs, and drawer containers, large and medium size filing cabinets, a wardrobe, Internet access and a landline (optional). South facing offices have air-conditioning. The offices are suitable for establishing an R&D unit.
  • The use of kitchenettes and eating rooms (fridge, microwave oven) is included in the rent.

Laboratory space for rent

  • Standard chemical laboratory space (the so-called wet labs) – the size of a standard laboratory is 68 square meters; centrally located laboratory tables with ceramic surface and with the necessary connection to the utilities (water, gas), fume cupboard, waste sorting bins, chairs.
  • Microbiological laboratory space – size of 16, 44 or 61 square meters; designed as vacuum space; centrally located laboratory tables with ceramic surface, fume cupboard /flow box, germicidal lamp. Centrally managed waste disposal, laboratory glass washing, demineralised water source, hot air sterilization. The microbiological laboratories can be accessed through a decontamination room. The use of changing rooms for staff is included in the rent.
  • Laboratories for research into food and food supplements – size of 44, 68 or 162 square meters; basic laboratory stainless steel equipment; washable wall paint.
  • Clean room with guaranteed environment of 100,000 dust particles per cubic foot – total size of 200 square meters; can be accessed through a decontamination room; designed as a vacuum space.

For detailed information, please contact Assoc. Prof. Ing. Tomáš Sedláček, Ph.D., tel.: 576 038 012, e-mail: sedlacek@ft_utb_cz

Pilot plant space for rent

  • The space is intended for laboratory and development units to be placed there (e.g. small extrusion or injecting machines, compounders, etc.). The space is equipped with all the necessary facilities, including central cooling circuit. The total area is 376 square meters. Storage space is also available. The use of changing rooms and kitchenettes is included in the rent.

Technical rooms and presentation rooms for rent

  • Spaces intended for storing raw materials and chemical storeroom in accordance with safety regulations.
  • Small meeting room – capacity of 16 persons, air-conditioning, equipped with audio systems and data projection facilities.
  • Large meeting room – capacity of 25 to 50 persons, air-conditioning, equipped with audio systems and data projection facilities.
  • Seminar room – capacity of 25 persons, suitable for seminars, training, educational courses, etc.

Office equipment for rent

  • High-quality binding machines, cutting machines, shredding machines, etc.
  • Presentation facilities – notebook, data projection facilities, screen, flipchart.

Services related to office and laboratory space for rent

  • Electricity, water, heating, security guard and common area cleaning, landline, PC network, mail sorting.