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FAQ Regarding the Extraordinary Situation

Dear students, we have prepared for you answers to questions which are logically of great importance to you and which trouble you the most in the present exceptional circumstances. We will continuously add new questions and update the answers. Should you have any other questions, please contact us at Thank you for your patience. We believe that we will be able to handle this difficult situation together.

Updated on 27 April 2020.


How long will the University be closed?

We assume that the University will be closed as long as the extraordinary measures adopted by the Government of the Czech Republic are valid. We will keep you informed of any changes.

When about the end of classes in the summer semester?

The end date of the semester remains unchanged as yet. We expect that the regular examination period will be extended.

Will the deadlines for submission of academic qualification theses and dates of state examinations change?

The individual Faculties of TBU continuously update the relevant information on their websites. Other (new) dates of state examinations are in preparation, to be added and scheduled for autumn 2020.

What to do if the guarantor of a course unit (subject) did not send me instructions on self-study?

If the guarantor of a course unit (subject) has not responded to your question, please contact the Vice-Dean for the relevant type of degree programmes at your Faculty (or the TBU Vice-Rector for Pedagogical Activities), who will arrange for an immediate remedy.

Are admissions at risk of postponement?

Originally scheduled dates will certainly be postponed – the specific information will be available after the Act on Special Rules for Education and Decision-Making at Higher Education Institutions in 2020 has been approved, which will enable the dates to be set in a more flexible manner.

Is it possible to use the services of the Library?

At present, the Library is physically closed. Please follow the website of the Library. The Library continuously updates and extends the options of online resources (see We are online with you!).

Printing and binding of academic qualification theses is provided continuously, the opening hours of the TBU University Press are not restricted – see above.

Shall I prepare for examinations?

Yes, study hard and use your free time effectively for your self-study! Do not forget to study foreign languages, take care of your physical and mental condition!

How about the obligatory practical training?

As regards students in their final years of study, the matter has to be dealt with individually and discussed with the Vice-Dean for the relevant degree programme at the Faculty. For students in other years, nothing changes at the moment.

International applicants for study

Can I apply for studies at TBU?

Yes, you can. Admission procedures are still going on. At the moment, we expect that the semester will commence on the scheduled date.

International students

Can I return to my home country?

Yes, you can. To be sure, please check the latest information concerning the return to your country (conditions on entry and means of transportation).

Can I return to the Czech Republic?

At the present time, students who can present a document evidencing the purpose of stay (study certificate) are allowed to travel back to the Czech Republic – see information available on the website of the Ministry of Interior. Travellers entering the Czech Republic will be forced to quarantine for two weeks, or they will have to present a medical certificate issued by a doctor or a public health protection body and evidencing that the relevant traveller has undergone testing for COVID-19 and has tested negative to the virus. The test must not be older than four days at entry and the costs related to the testing shall be covered by the traveller.

Can I complete my studies at TBU online?

Yes, you can. Online classes held during the summer semester will also be offered to students who remain in Zlín.

Student on mobility abroad

Can I return to the Czech Republic?

Yes, you can, but you must definitely expect be put in mandatory quarantine, or you have to present a medical certificate proving a negative COVID-19 test result. More information is available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

Will I be allowed to finish my summer semester?

Yes, you can finish your summer semester (online) at a partner university or at TBU. Please inform the TBU International Office (Mrs. Troncová) about your decision.

Will I have to return the mobility grant I have received?

If you end your mobility earlier than scheduled, you will have to return the part of the grant corresponding to the period of time remaining until the regular end of your mobility. However, you may be reimbursed for the costs associated with your return to the Czech Republic (air ticket, paid accommodation in the place of stay). Be sure to keep all your receipts and relevant documents. If you interrupt your mobility, you will have to return the part of the grant corresponding to the period of interruption. In the event that you continue your mobility online (in the Czech Republic or abroad), you are eligible for the relevant grant. If you return to the Czech Republic and you continue implementing the mobility activities, the additional costs incurred by you should be covered from the grant.

For answers to frequently asked questions about matters concerning the individual Faculties of TBU, please visit the website of the relevant Faculty.

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