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Faculty of Applied Informatics

Automatic Control and Informatics

Faculty: Faculty of Applied Informatics Programme: Automatic Control and Informatics Subject: Automatic Control and Informatics Form: Part time Type: Doctoral Language: English

This discipline is thematically linked with the Master´s Degree Studies discipline Automatic Control and Informatics.

In the course of your studies in this disciplinary field, you will investigate not only the Theoretical Aspects of Modern Information Technology, and its practical applications. The majority of dissertation theses are focused on the Computerised Automation of Production Processes.

What Subjects Can You Look Forward To?

  • Automatic Control Theory
  • Systems Modelling and Simulation
  • Systems Identification
  • Selected Chapters from Management/Control Theory
  • Computing Technology in Automatic Control

What Will You Be, and Where Will You Find a Place After Graduation?

Graduates of this studies discipline will be experts in the Application of Theoretical. as well as Practical Approaches to Automatic Management; with an emphasis on the use of modern Information Technologies with the ability to be applied – whether in Universities´ Scientific Research work, research institutes or departments; or in the professional companies´ activities field.

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