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Faculty of Applied Informatics

Software Engineering

Faculty: Faculty of Applied Informatics Programme: Information Technologies Subject: Software Engineering Form: Full time Type: Master's Language: English

Did you enjoy Applied Informatics in your Bachelor´s degree studies? This programme will deepen your education- especially in using Computer Technology in Programming, Data-processing and Database Systems, Operating Systems and Computer Networks. You will also focus on Information Transmission over the Internet. You will also familiarise yourselves with Measurement, Optimisation, Technical and Theoretical Cybernetics, or Economic-Managerial subjects. This programme has two specialisations.

Is characterised by its deep focus on Parallel and Cross-platform Programming, Artificial Intelligence, advanced software engineering methods and procedures. Software Engineering graduates are able to design, model, build and implement software projects using advanced methods and techniques. They are also capable to assess, test, and maintain their functionality throughout their lifecycles.

What will you study?

  • Programming (languages: C, Java, .Net)
  • Programming Real-time Applications
  • Parallel Processes and Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence Methods
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Network Operations
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Numerical Systems Diagnostics
  • Information Systems
  • Signal Processing
  • Cryptographic Methods
  • Computer Viruses and Security

Where will you find a job?

  • Information and Control Systems Designer
  • User Software Programmer
  • Systems Programmer
  • Computer Network Designer and Administrator
  • Computer Hardware Expert
  • Website Designer
  • Database Manager
  • Administrative and Organisational Systems Computer Support Expert

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