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The Bata Region Launches website in English

The Bata Region project aims to attract both domestic and international tourists with unique locations, technical attractions and modern architecture in Zlín, Otrokovice, Luhačovice and other places in the region. All important information and news on the batuvregion.cz are now available also in English.

Breaking down language barriers

Baťa or Bata? It’s not just about the missing accent mark but a complete English language version of the website on the bataregion.com. The project maps out places connected with the life and work of the Bata family from Zlín, who are well-known even beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. “The English version will strengthen the competitiveness of the Bata Region among other offers and help us build the reputation of an attractive tourist destination also abroad,” explained Žaneta Kögler, the project manager. “Tomas Bata set out from Zlín to shoe the world. Now we want to share his story with the world. Breaking down the language barriers is the first step on this journey,” she added.

Mobile Apps, 24/7 Guide

Free mobile apps available in English are also a great choice for planning tours in Zlín. The city of Zlín developed the “Baťův Zlín” app, utilising the most modern means of communication with visitors. The app presents the city’s history interactively, including augmented reality features. Through stories, it guides tourists to interesting locations, speaks in the voice of Marie Bata, and even offers a virtual flyover of a JUNKERS F13 aircraft. Quizzes, fun games, and the chance to win rewards are also included.

Another free mobile app ZAM (Zlín Architecture Manual) is a pocket guide that never gets tired, knows everything, and is always available. It is a comprehensive database of information about Zlín architecture, offering city walks based on thematic routes. You can explore the Factory Premises, Moravian Hollywood or unique Baťa Housing in red brick houses. The application is available in both English and German.


In addition to the website and mobile applications, it is important to offer visitors to the Zlínsko and Luhačovicko region other foreign language services directly on site. The aim is to avoid situations where international tourists find the place, but no one is able to provide further information or understand their requests.

“Visitors particularly enjoy the guided city walks called the Zlín Zone, which we offer not only in English but also in German and Polish,” said Eva Manišová, head of the Tourism Department of the Statutory City of Zlín. With an experienced guide, visitors can explore exceptional Zlín buildings, a unique factory complex right in the city centre, and typical Bata housing.

Services and guides in English are offered by the Tomas Bata Memorial, the jewel of functionalist architecture in Zlín. The Museum of South East Moravia provides tours for foreigners in its extensive exhibition “The Bata Principle”, with guides available in English and German. There is traditionally high interest in guided tours of the Bata Skyscraper and rides in the elevator office of Jan A. Bata. Visitors can also take guided tours in English of the Tomas Bata Villa, the seat of the T. Bata Foundation, and many other buildings, exhibitions, and technical monuments.

It is advisable to book foreign language guided tours in advance to ensure that staff and places are available.

Not all places, organisations, and products in the Bata Region are English-friendly yet, but their number is steadily increasing. “Being welcoming to international clients can attract not only more tourists but also investors and partners for future projects,” emphasised Jana Tkadlecová, manager of the Zlínsko and Luhačovicko Destination Company, which created the Bata Region project together with the City of Zlín, the East Moravia Convention Bureau and the Zlín Region.

Tourists and visitors no longer need to search for information from multiple sources, as they can find if clearly sorted and updated on one website. In addition to the Czech version, a full English version is now available.

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