Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně

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Primary Schools

A number of activities organized at the University are aimed at children in primary schools, or even in nursery schools. These include, for example, experiments in laboratories, hobby courses, workshops as well as theatrical performances.

For more information please contact skoly@utb.cz or particular Faculty:

  • Faculty of Technology: RNDr. Iva Čermáková, Ph.D., cermakova@utb.cz, tel. 576 038 080
  • Faculty of Management and Economics: Ing. Přemysl Pálka, Ph.D., ppalka@utb.cz; tel. 576 032 824
  • Faculty of Multimedia Communications: MgA. Jana Dosoudilová, dosoudilova@utb.cz; tel. 576 034 113
  • Faculty of Humanities: PhDr. Jana Semotamová, semotamova@utb.cz; tel. 576 032 030
  • Faculty of Applied Informatics: doc. Ing. Marek Kubalčík, Ph.D., kubalcik@utb.cz; tel. 576 035 198
  • Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management: Mgr. Marek Tomaštík, Ph.D., mtomastik@utb.cz; tel.: +420 57 603 2094

Faculties and departments