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Secondary Schools

Leisure Events for Secondary School Students

Researchers’ Night

The event entitled Researchers’ Night that tends to be held in various Czech and European towns and cities at the same time and that aims to support and promote science is organized at the University at the beginning of autumn.  The programme targeted at the general public features workshops and lectures given by experts, creative workshops, but mainly various physical, chemical or biological experiments. The event has been very popular among Zlín citizens, and has always recorded large attendance.

Science Café

Scientists who have much to say and people who are interested in science meet during the Science Café lecture series. In an informal atmosphere, in cosy cafés providing enough space for question-and-answer sessions, latest scientific facts and a debate that helps enhance the knowledge of all participants. Science enthusiasts in Zlín organize regular meetings in the Laboratory Centre of the Faculty of Technology. For current dates of lectures please go to sciencecafe.cz or the Faculty Facebook.

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