Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně

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Zlin for Students

Zlín of today can be best characterized as a student town, which is not surprising at all, since there are about 9 thousand university students!

Student life is not only about immersing yourself in books, sitting in classes or working in laboratories. The most beautiful memories of university studies are associated with enjoyment and fun; you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself in Zlín.

Our students may join (and enjoy themselves in) student organizations that organize various events throughout the year, ranging from the Freshmen Welcome Party, through the commemoration of the International Students’ Day and the Sailor’s Ball to Apráles and the Rag Day. Or they may become commentators, camera operators or sound operators of the Neon university television. Or they may join the University choir and become singers. Or… Well, there are so many events to attend and so many activities to do at TBU, beside studies.

Café addicts, pub lovers, frequent attendees to theatrical performances and concerts, film experts, admirers of functionalism and modern architecture – all of them will enjoy themselves in Zlín. The premises of the former factory in the centre of the town with its rectangular street grid inspired by New York are being transformed into a lively town centre today: the skyscraper built in 1938 (at that time the second-tallest skyscraper in Europe) is the seat of the Regional Authority, people may sit by the fountain in the neighbouring streets, attend a jazz concert held in some of the clubs, have a delicious snack in the pancake house, in a cafeteria or a pub, visit an exhibition in a museum or a gallery…

Just like recreational athletes who may go cycling on the bicycle paths along the river Dřevnice and the Bata Canal, go on a trip to the Vizovice hills and Hostýn hills, to the ZOO (the former ranks among the ten most visited tourist destinations in the Czech Republic) or go skiing on the ski slope located next to one of the University Residence Hall.


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