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What is a cookie?

Cookies are small files, which are generated by the website you are browsing and are stored in your browser’s folder. Cookies are usually used to differentiate between distinct users who access the site by remembering settings the user selected during his/her earlier visits to the website, such as his/her language preferences, etc. The vast majority of websites use cookies.

What types of cookies does our website use?

Technical cookies | These are temporary cookie files which are essential for the correct functioning of the website.

Statistics cookies | These cookies help us understand how you use our website. The information is anonymized and collected only for the purpose of improving the website functions.

Marketing cookies | These cookies help us deliver more relevant advertising to the users of our website and assess its effectiveness.

How can cookies be managed?

You can delete cookies from your browser, usually by clearing the browsing data, or even block the storage of cookies. For more information about disabling cookies please refer to the website of your browser provider.

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