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Would you like to work with us?

Information on the current selection procedures aimed to fill vacancies for positions of academic staff and other employees will be posted on this page. You may also apply for inclusion in the TBU database of job applicants (kariera@utb.cz).

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Students will find here temporary job vacancies as well as help with finding future employment provided by the TBU Job Centre.

Benefits offered at TBU

Your satisfaction is important to us. We all have to balance work and personal and family life. We know that every minute counts. Therefore, we put emphasis on work-life balance at TBU. At the same time, we are delighted to see our employees’ efforts to grow professionally, to upgrade their knowledge, share experience, and move forward.


  • 6 weeks of annual leave for non-academic staff
  • 8 weeks of annual leave for academic staff
  • TBU Nursery School
  • Flexible working hours
  • Part-time employment
  • Allowance for pension insurance contribution or allowance intended for benefits, and more


  • Contribution for catering services provided in the TBU Refectories
  • Employee programme offering telecommunication services to you and your family members
  • Discount in Baťa shops
  • Discount in Vasky Zlín shop
  • VIP programme in HP Tronic shops
  • Discount on tickets at Slovácké divadlo
  • Discount on tickets at Národní divadlo
  • Discount in OBI shop – Malenovice
  • Bikesharing with nextbike, and more…


  • Portáš university Chalet
  • Valachy Resort and Valtice hostel
  • Discount on stay at Horský hotel Jelenovská
  • Discount on wellness package at Augustiniánský dům
  • Discount on wellness stay at Lázně Luhačovice, and more…


  • Free library services provided by the TBU Library
  • English language courses for academic and non-academic staff
  • Staff teaching and training mobilities
  • Soft skills courses
  • IT traning courses
  • Professional knowledge courses
  • Project workshops and other activities
  • Sport activities, and more…

Faculties and departments