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Open Calls for Projects

Calls for proposals for research and innovation on COVID-19: EU Members States and Associated Countries

June 2022

1/6/2022TA ČRProgramme Doprava 2020+
8/6/2022Ministry of Interior1st Call – Programme OPSEC
13/6/2022TA ČR7th Call TREND
15/6/2022TA ČRM.ERA-NET 3 Call 2022
16/6/2022TA ČR6th Call TREND
29/6/2022Ministry of Health4th Call Programme to support applied health research for 2020-2026
30/6/2022MEYSMOBILITY – Call for Czech-French projects 2023-24
30/6/2022MEYSMOBILITY – Call for Czech-German projects 2023-24
30/6/2022MEYSMOBILITY – Call for Czech-Austrian projects 2023-24
30/6/2022Česká hlava21st year of Česká hlava competition

July 2022

13/7/2022TA ČR4th Call for DELTA 2 Programme
13/7/2022Ministry of agriculture6th Call for ZEMĚ Programme
18/7/2022MEYS/EIG CONCERT JapanEIG CONCERT Japan: Design of Materials with Atomic Precision
20/7/2022MEYSMilada Paulová Prize 2022
25/7/2022MEYSCall in INTER-EXCELLENCE II – INTER-ACTION (Czech rep. – USA projects)
27/7/2022TA ČR5th Call THÉTA Programme

August 2022

31/8/2022Ministry of Industry and TradeEfekt III Programme
31/8/2022MEYSFrantišek Běhounek Prize

September 2022

5/9/2022MEYSCultural Heritage, Society and Ethics – 2022 – Full projects
15/9/2022MEYSEUROSTARS – Eurostars joint transnational call for proposals SEP 2022 
15/9/2022MEYS/DZSAktion – Czech Republic – Austria

October 2022



Rector’s Directive No. 13/2020 Responsibility of Cost Centre Managers Including Project Investigators
Rector’s Directive No. 23/2020 Submission and Administration of Projects

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