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Appointment Procedures

TBU in Zlín is entitled to execute authority in habilitation and professorial procedures in accredited fields. All effective regulations governing the procedures are included in the Rules Governing Habilitation Procedures, Professorial Appointment Procedures and Procedures for Appointment of Adjunct Professors at Tomas Bata University in Zlín.

Rector’s Directive No. SR/21/2023
Prevention of a Conflict of Interest in the Case of Habilitation Procedures and Professorial Appointment Procedures

Rector’s Directive No. SR/24/2023
Fees for Actions Related to a Habilitation Procedure and to a Professorial Appointment Procedure

Rector’s Directive No. RD/26/2017
Prescribed manner for processing the selected documents submitted by the candidate at the commencement of the habilitation procedure and the professorial appointment procedure

  • Appendix 1 to Rector’s Directive No. RD/26/2017
  • Appendix 2 to Rector’s Directive No. RD/26/2017
  • Appendix 3 to Rector’s Directive No. RD/26/2017

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