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Secondary Schools

Secondary School Students’ Expert Activities

The Faculty of Technology and the Faculty of Applied Informatics cooperate with secondary schools within the prestigious contest entitled “SOČ” (Secondary school students’ expert activities). During the contest, secondary school students are taught the basics of scientific research, they are given instructions on how to write scientific publications, how to work in a team and acquire skills to be able to present the results of their work in front of an expert jury. By prior agreement, the Faculties may help secondary schools to select relevant topics, or provide expert counselling, laboratories, etc. Participants in the contest are mostly students of the secondary schools as partner institutions of the Faculties.

Contact us

  • Faculty of Technology: Ing. Jakub Huba, Ph.D., jhuba@utb.cz, tel. +420 576 031 337
  • Faculty of Applied Informatics: doc. Ing. Marek Kubalčík, Ph.D., kubalcik@utb.cz, tel. +420 576 035 198

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