Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně

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R&D Activity

Library and Editorial Board

Board Activities

The Library and Editorial Board of TBU in Zlín acts as an advisory body to the TBU Rector, and coordinates all activities associated with operation and development of the TBU Library and TBU Editorial Centre.

It articulates recommendations in the areas of librarian, informatics, and publishing activities, and submits them for review and approval to the TBU Rector’s Advisory Council.

It proposes and recommends the extent of financial resources for the purchase of information sources, supervises their distribution, and reviews the use of the resources.

It articulates and submits to the TBU Rector recommendations for publication, and – after the Rector’s approval – submits them for realization to the TBU Editorial Centre, which is a part of the Academia Centre.

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