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Secondary Schools

All Faculties offer various forms of cooperation to grammar schools and secondary schools in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

For more information contact skoly@utb.cz or specific faculty: 

  • Faculty of Technology: RNDr. Iva Čermáková, Ph.D., cermakova@utb.cz, tel. 576 038 080
  • Faculty of Management and Economics: Ing. Přemysl Pálka, Ph.D., ppalka@utb.cz; tel. 576 032 824
  • Faculty of Multimedia Communications: MgA. Jana Dosoudilová, dosoudilova@utb.cz; tel. 576 034 113
  • Faculty of Humanities: PhDr. Jana Semotamová, semotamova@utb.cz; tel. 576 032 030
  • Faculty of Applied Informatics: doc. Ing. Marek Kubalčík, Ph.D., kubalcik@utb.cz; tel. 576 035 198
  • Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management: Mgr. Marek Tomaštík, Ph.D., mtomastik@utb.cz; tel.: +420 57 603 2094


Faculties and departments