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Location Map

Interactive Map of TBU

Location Map of TBU Buildings in Zlín

Location Map of TBU Buildings in Zlín

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University Buildings

Building Description Address
U1 Faculty of Technology (FT) – Dean’s office; Polymer Centre; Dept of Food Analysis and Chemistry; Dept of Environmental Protection Engineering; Dept of Fat, Surfactant and Cosmetics Technology Vavrečkova 275, Zlín, 760 01
U2 Faculty of Management and Economics (FaME) – Dean’s Office, Dept of Economics, Dept of Management and Marketing, Dept of Enterprise Economics, Dept of Industrial Engineering and Information Systems, Dept of Finance and Accounting, Dept of Statistics and Quantitative Methods, Dept of Regional Development, Public Sector Administration and Law, Centre of Applied Economic Research
Faculty of Technology – Dept of Food Technology
Mostní 5139, Zlín, 760 01
U4 Faculty of Multimedia Communications (FMC) – Dean’s office, Dept of Marketing Communications, Animation studio, Audiovisual Arts studio, Graphic Design studio, Advertising Photography studio, Dept of Theoretical Studies, Dept of Arts Management
U4 Refectory
Univerzitní 2431, Zlín, 760 01
U5 Faculty of Applied Informatics (FAI) – Dean’s office, Dept of Informatics and Artificial Intelligence, Dept of Computer and Communication Systems, Dept of Automation and Control Engineering, Dept of Electronics and Measurements, Dept of Security Engineering, Dept of Mathematics, Dept of Process Control, Regional Research Centre CEBIA-Tech
Faculty of Management and Economics – Dept of Physical Training
U5 Refectory
Jižní Svahy
Nad Stráněmi 4511, Zlín, 760 05
U56 ICT Technology Park Jižní Svahy
Nad Stráněmi 5656, 760 05 Zlín
U6 Hall of Residence, Antonínova Street Antonínova 4379, Zlín, 760 01
U7 Hall of Residence, Štefánikova Street Štefánikova 150, Zlín, 760 01
U10 Faculty of Technology nám. T. G. Masaryka 1279, Zlín, 760 01
U11 University Institute (UNI) – Technology Park, Technology Transfer Centre, Footwear Research Centre
Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship Centre – UPPER
Nad Ovčírnou 3685, Zlín, 760 01
U12 Hall of Residence, TGM Square nám. T.G. Masaryka 3050, Zlín, 760 01
U13 University CentreRectorate
nám. T. G. Masaryka 5555, Zlín, 760 01
U14 Faculty of Humanities – Dept of Health Care Sciences
Centre for Practical Training in Health Care on the premises of Tomas Bata Regional Hospital
Havlíčkovo nábřeží, Zlín, 762 75
U15 Laboratory Centre of the Faculty of Technology (LCFT) – Dept of Chemistry, Dept of Polymer Engineering, Dept of Production Engineering, Dept of Physics and Materials Engineering Vavrečkova 5669, 760 01 Zlín
U16 Faculty of Multimedia Communications – Fashion Design Studio, Shoe Design Studio, Glass Design Studio, Digital Design Studio, Product Design Studio, 3D Design Studio, Industrial Design Studio třída Tomáše Bati 4342, 760 01 Zlín
U17 Centre of Polymer Systems (CPS) třída Tomáše Bati 5678, 760 01 Zlín
U18 Faculty of Humanities (FHS) – Dean’s Office, Dept of Modern Languages and Literatures, Dept of Pedagogical Sciences, Dept of School Education, Language Centre, Dept of Health Care Sciences, Research Centre of FHS Štefánikova 5670, 760 01 Zlín
UH1 Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management (FLCM) – Dean’s Office, Department of Crisis Management, Department of Logistics, Department of Population Protection, Department of Environmental Security Studentské nám. 1532, 686 01 Uherské Hradiště

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