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Student Organizations

Students at TBU have no chance to get bored. A day in a TBU student’s life consists not only of studies but also of enjoyment and fun. Those who are interested in engaging various activities may join some of the several student organizations that are active in Zlín.

In cooperation with the University, the TBU Student Union organizes the Gala Ball, Gala Evening, Rag Day, University Christmas Tree Lighting Up Ceremony and many other interesting events. The branch of the international organization IAESTE invites companies from the Czech Republic as well as from abroad to Zlín to participate in the iKariéra fair where future graduates are informed about vacancies offered. If you find mathematics too difficult, go to the Math Support Centre, where they will help you understand it. They will be equally delighted to devote their time to enthusiasts who want to study maths more than is required by their curriculum.

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