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R&D Activity

Research Areas

Research and Development at TBU have the following major priorities:

  • To support research activities carried out within doctoral programmes
  • To support international scientific cooperation
  • To recruit international R&D staff
  • To deepen the cooperation with universities, institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and with other scientific, research and arts institutions including short-term and medium-range exchanges of staff and students
  • To promote links with business and industry
  • To improve working and social conditions for students in doctoral programmes and for researchers

The Research and Development activities are organized within the TBU faculties and carried out by means of research projects and grant projects offered by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, by the Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and by means of grant projects offered by the competent ministries of the government of the Czech Republic. Furthermore, the faculties cooperate with the scientific institutes at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in the instruction of students in doctoral programmes.

The cooperation between the TBU faculties and companies and institutions of public sector administration in the field of R&D aims at achieving results applicable to enterprise practice.

The R&D activities at TBU are focusing on basic and applied research.

In the mentioned spheres the Faculty of Technology has achieved remarkable international success; above all the impressive results achieved in the rheology of polymers, enzymatic hydrolysis of leather-processing waste, know-how in the manufacture of prophylactic footwear and particularly in the research concerning historical footwear are worth mentioning. The Faculty of Technology comprises the Polymer Centre working as a research establishment focusing on research into polymers and processes related to the polymer production and processing.

The Faculty of Management and Economics aims at formulating the industrial policy of the region and developing methodological materials intended for enterprises and serving to modernize the business methods in order to improve the competitiveness of companies.

The activities at the Faculty of Multimedia Communications are concentrating on the field of practical design, promotion and research into marketing and intercultural communications.

Research activities at the Faculty of Applied Informatics are focused on the modern methods of automatic control theory, technological processes monitoring and control, measurement technology, artificial intelligence methods, information technologies, software engineering, mathematical modelling of technological processes with respect to their automatic control, and last but not least, research solutions for the automatic control of combined heat and power production.

The Centre  for  Security,  Information  and  Advanced  Technologies (CEBIA – Tech) represents a dynamic opportunity for further advancements in research and development in the Zlín Region in the spheres of Applied Informatics, Security Technologies and Alternative Sources of Energy. Most of its employees are also the staff of the Faculty of Applied Informatics of Tomas Bata University in Zlín.

The Faculty of Humanities concentrates on scientific, research and other R&D activities in the sphere of humanities (on pedagogy and other social sciences, selected healthcare sciences and foreign languages in particular).

The main priorities of R&D activities carried out at the Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Managementare in accordance with the specialization of the faculty, i.e. logistics, crisis management and environmental security.

The University Institute is focused on science, applied research and related activities, especially on:

  • Applied research and development
  • Creating conditions for interconnecting basic and applied research with industry
  • Co-operation with municipalities, regions, national and international organizations and institutions on R&D+I project preparation and implementation
  • Support to creative and innovative activities both inside and outside the University
  • Provision of expert services related to project preparation, management, evaluation and output monitoring
  • Provision of intellectual and industrial property protection
  • Provision of transfer of R&D results to industry (technology transfer)

The University Institute runs the Technology Park at TBU in Zlín.

The transfer of knowledge obtained in the sphere of basic research into practice is carried out by the Technology Transfer Centre established in 2008. TTC provides comprehensive professional services related to legal protection of research results and their fast and efficient transfer to business to researchers at both Tomas Bata University in Zlín and in co-operating companies. The services include: Counselling, analyses of industrial and legal status, patent and trademark attorney services, direct representation of clients before the following authorities, other services related to technology transfer.

Research activities carried out in the Centre of Polymer Systems, which is a component part of the University Institute, are provided by a quality research team and divided into two research programmes, namely Advanced Processing of Progressive Polymer Systems and Preparation of Advanced Polymer Composite Systems.
Both research programmes implemented in the Centre of Polymer Systems have a common base as regards the material – macromolecular substances, with specific knowledge forming the basics of both programmes. The shared knowledge base is in close connection to shared technological facilities, methodological procedures and contributions by specialists from various or related sections (experts in polymer processes, materials, natural sciences, biology, industrial design, process management, economic analyses, etc.).

Faculties and departments