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International Marketing

International marketing develops systematic marketing activities aimed at recruiting international students to study at TBU, especially in English degree programmes, until the application to study is submitted. Activities are also being developed to recruit students into an intensive one-year Czech language course for foreigners with the possibility of continuing study in Czech degree programmes.

The main goal of international marketing activities is to increase the number of international applicants for TBU degree programmes. For example, we cooperate with international students and staff, agents and agencies, participate in international recruitment fairs, cooperate with overseas TBU branches and partners, provide printed and promotional materials and, last but not least, provide digital marketing abroad.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us at international-marketing@utb.cz.

Are you an international recruitment agent? Feel free to complete our questionnaire. We reserve the right to decide on establishing cooperation and the selection of appropriate agents/agencies according to our strategy.

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