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Business and Industry

Made-to-Measure Research

Companies, institutions in charge of public sector administration, non-profit organizations as well as individuals such as business people and entrepreneurs can collaborate with Tomas Bata University in Zlín in many areas.
The collaboration opportunities are varied, and can be classified to the following thematic categories:

Cooperation with TBU Job Centre

  • Services provided to companies who have specific requirements regarding the graduates
  • Preparation of partner agreements
  • Participation in the career opportunities fair – Business Days
  • Advertising job and internship offers for TBU students and graduates – access to
  • Making business-university links (organizing company presentations, workshops, etc.)
  • Company promotion at TBU (promotion by means of posters, Facebook)

For more information please go to Job Centre.

Research units and technology parks at TBU

Collaboration in R&D and Innovations

  • Implementation of contract research according to the requirements of companies
  • Implementation of joint R&D and innovation projects
  • Transfer of knowledge, experience, know-how and technologies
  • Dealing with technical, technological and other practical issues within PhD theses
  • Use of modern technological equipment
  • Industrial and intellectual property protection
  • Professional consultancy services in the field of development of new products and technologies, optimization of technological processes, etc.

Conclusion of Licence Agreements – List of protected results of research and development

Other Specialized Services

  • Expert reports, analyses and research in technological and socioeconomic fields according to the requirements of clients
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Product design
  • Enterprise and company strategies
  • Economic and organizational consultancy
  • Information systems
  • Other consultancy services


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