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Development of the University

The University is constantly evolving, and we want you to be part of it. On this page, all the projects we are implementing and which will make TBU even a better place to study will be presented one by one.

We have received over CZK 550 million from the Research, Development and Education Operational Programme. The money will enable us to renovate some premises, build and equip new laboratories, buy state-of-the-art instrumentation, establish a gallery, and open new degree programmes. In 2017, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports recommended all project proposals submitted by TBU for funding. TBU has thus become the most successful university in the Czech Republic in this respect.

You can see some of the changes even now. Two brand new lecture halls have been opened at the Faculty of Management and Economics; this academic year, classes are held in new facilities also at the Faculty of Applied Informatics. In total, more than 50 lecture rooms will be renovated. You might have also noticed modern presentation systems in lecture rooms at all TBU Faculties. Two new laboratories of the Faculty of Technology are under construction and many other changes will be introduced.

Are you interested to know what you can look forward to? You can read all the details about the implemented projects.

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