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Primary Schools

Summer Day Camps

The University offers the following activities and services to primary and nursery schools:

    • Summer day camps organized by the TBU Nursery School – children between the ages of 6 and 11 can choose between various specializations. Contact us:  qocnazachovalova@seznam.cz , tel. +420 576 036 013
    • Summer day camps organized by the Faculty of Humanities – Junior University – children from the age of 4 are allowed to experience their own “matriculation ceremony “and “graduation ceremony”. Contact us:  hnavratilova@utb.cz, tel. +420 576 037 430, +420 602 719 104
    • Summer day camps focused on science – children are encouraged to develop technical thinking and learn to discover the surrounding world. Contact us: Iva Čermáková, cermakova@utb.cz, tel. +420 576 038 080


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