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SHOW-OFF – English Presentation Skills Competition

The Language Centre of the Faculty of Humanities is organizing the 10th edition of the popular competition focused on showing presentation skills in English. This year, the event will be held online for the first time in its history and will offer students the chance to win valuable prizes.

Test your knowledge, abilities, but also communication skills with people who have already accomplished something. Pick a topic, prepare a presentation, and go ahead! The jury will be made up of company managers, Vice-Rectors, Deans or Vice-Deans, i.e. people employed in top management in different types of institutions and organizations. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity and surpass yourself – overcome your shyness, worries, or whatever binds you.


Personal and Corporate Sustainability
Communication in the Changing World
My Employment Experience
Brexit and Its Consequences (in Economy, Technology, …)
My Own Contribution to Environmental Protection

Are you in? Send your presentation and the completed application form by email to before 10 March 2021.



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